Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The opinion column

New feature!! Not really knitting related. Today's opinion is what people in Monroe are willing to do to their cars.

First off here is a list of things I need to do to make white lighting a cool truck

1. 3 foot lift kit

2. A hot pink Browning buck sticker

3. A push bar for the front

4. Headache rack or roll bar, with lights

5. something camo

6. an airbrushed front licence plate

I saw this today at the mall....

Now I'm not sure if they used a four dollar can of spray paint or something removable, but what better way to to customize your Subaru than by using amateur artistic talent to paint flames on your car. "It just seemed like a good idea! And look, it really adds to the appearance of the car while adding value at the same time. Plus the car goes about 10 mph faster!!"

Really, what were you thinking?


Laura said...

LMAO! I once saw a hideous hot pink car parked at Pencanland Mall with purple writing on the side that read "Miss Hot Thang". Priceless!

Melissa said...

The best is the green with gold glitter paint job with an airbrushed leprechan and a pot of gold on each side that says "You want me gold?"
The south side is full of these priceless works of art.

Laura said...

Actually go driving in the boonies in West Monroe, you'll see tacky neon orange flames, maybe even a confederate flag! I'm still waiting for a hick around here who will go out all and paint their car up like The General Lee. LOL!