Monday, April 14, 2008

Needle collecting and other fun stuff

First off, I have 5 new colors at Threads, all are 70% merino and 30% silk fingering weight (sock yarn!!) In the chaos that is my life I forgot to take pictures, but since I am at the shop every day I promise I will take some tomorrow and post them. Anyway the new colorways are....

Hammer Pants--fluorescent green/bright purple

Hunter--green/yellow/hot pink/bright purple

Pickle Barrel--green/ecru/brown



These are $20 each for 440 yds (enough for a pair of socks + extra). I was planning on selling some cobweb merino in the zen colorway, but it breaks to easily when balling it up ( has to be hand balled very carefully) so I decided that I would be responsible and keep it to myself.

And more excitement.... My momma is the best. The greatest gifts always come from someone who truly understands you, and since we might as well be the same person, I can honestly say she understands me. I have been craving Sox Stix from Lantern Moon for a while now, and in the mail today I got some, as well as a few other goodies.

Let me explain something about my knitting habit. It's not just that I love knitting, and I do, it's also that I love collecting anything involved with knitting. I have a penchant for 5" dps and if manufacturer makes them, they will end up in my needle collection. I think I have a problem. I have been knitting for ~2.5 years and my needle collection rivals that of lifetime knitters. We won't talk about my stash (Ravelry shows about half of it, I have yet to get into the boxes of embarrassing yarn and stuff that has only been recently purchased).

The rest of the package included some buffalo down for spinning, a couple balls of Panda Silk, my signed copy of Maggie's book and Arctic Lace. Can't wait to delve into that, although I really should be reading books relating to school....nyahh. But really thanks for the early B-day Mom, I love it!!!!!!!!

I've also decided that I truly have lost my mind because I'm giving up on the Heather shawl in favor of something that I actually have yarn for (the merino that couldn't make it to market). I also chose a new pattern, circular, written in German, although it is charted , and beautiful!! Of course I decided that a size 1 needle would be best (what is wrong with me?) and I am wondering if maybe a size 15 and worsted weight yarn might be a little more feasible. Okay how about I move up to size 3. Maybe then I can have it finished by her 3rd wedding anniversary. Again pictures tomorrow this time cause I don't believe in flash photography with a point and shoot, it never turns out well.

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