Monday, July 20, 2009

New House and Shop promo announcement

Guess what? We are buying a house!!!! It's not new and fancy but its nice and maybe just big enough to fit all our stuff :). It's all happening so fast but I'm hoping that it will all work out okay. I have a couple more hand dyes to put up and a lot of yarn that needs to be dyed in the next few weeks, but not a whole lot of time. Two kids are a lot of work, especially when the baby won't let you put her down for more than a few minutes at a time. I can't type with her in my lap anymore, she loves the keyboard. Okay rambling just a little bit...

I changed the banner a little bit and came up with new yarn tags that feature my new logo...

I am going to start running monthly or bimonthly promotions that include discounts on items, free stuff with orders and so forth! This month I am offering 50% off any set of stitch markers with a $30 purchase of yarn! I am also offering free shipping on orders over $50 and that will be all the time.

Well other than the house and being super busy trying to get everything I need done this summer, not a whole lot is going on haha!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Etsy is being updated daily, thought I would give every one a quick pick and some other info...

The line up for this week...
And the cat just had to check out the yarn :)

I have a bunch of undyed yarn of various fiber types, so I thought I would list what I have available if anyone would like something special...

  • 10% cashmere/20% silk/ 70% merino fine laceweight (super soft)--815 yards/50 g; $24 for regular hand paints, $40 for landscape colorways
  • 20% cashmere/20% silk/60% merino fine laceweight (super shiny and soft)--760 yards/50 g; $24 for regular hand paints, $40 for landscape colorways
  • 70% merino/ 30% alpaca heavy DK (light worsted)130 yards/50 g; $20
    Cashmere/Lycra very light fingering weight, great for socks--50 g/440 yards--$35
  • 15% cashmere/85% wool heavy lace weight--380 yards/50 g-- $20 for regular hand paints, $40 for landscape colorways
  • 100% Super fine merino light worsted weight (incredibly soft)--100 yards/50 g; $20 SO worth it!!
  • 30% Cashmere, 70% merino heavy lace weight--400 yds/50g $20 for regular hand paints, $38 for landscape colorways
  • 3% cashmere/97% wool lace weight--500 yds/50 g; $18 for regular hand paints, $35 for landscape colorways.

Be sure to check out the shop for daily updates!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just a quick post, I have been very busy with kids and thesis! I did take a half day and dye up some yarns though!
The new landscape colorway is up on Etsy now, and the sock yarns (there are two more) will be up in the next week! I just got a bunch of base yarns in all kinds of cool fibers that will be dyed up soon and I have a lot of new colorways for landscape to try out also. I am also considering trying my dye method on heavier weight yarns and for socks which will be fun. I have a little bit of cashmere/Lycra that will make a great sock yarn, some unbelievably soft merino dk a bunch of cashmere/wool and some super luscious silk/cashmere/merino lace weight in limited quantities that I can't wait to dye also as well as some merino/alpaca/nylon sock yarn that is soaking and waiting to be dyed! Okay, more later, I will try to come back to the bloggy before too long...