Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stitch Markers

Well I have decided that based on the very positive response that I recieved on Friday at Threads Unlimited Knits, that I will continue to make beaded Stitch Markers until I am out of beads. I will have a feed with pictures of my current markers available for sale, kept as updated as possible. For those who live outside of Monroe that may be interested, I will accept custom orders, and if you see a set that you must have, I will try my best to hold them for you. Please keep in mind that most of these are one of a kind and cannot be reproduced. I will update my availability weekly, most likely on Fridays, and that would be the best time to get them!

Here is little blurb on my markers:
"For You By Me stitch markers are hand made and unigue with either silver plated or gold plated findings and high quality gemstones. Each marker is soldered shut and great care is taken to ensure that there is no way for your yarn to get snagged."

I also offer free repair for stitch markers in the event that they are damaged.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

He's here!!

We left yesterday morning at about 3:00, drove 6 hours, spent an hour deciding which dog to bring home, finally picked and drove 6 hours back! He doesn't have a name yet though, Joe has yet to decide and doesn't like any of my suggestions. Please excuse the following rant....
Of course the know it all strikes again. I texted a pic to Joe's sister so that she could show his parents. What do I get back as a reply? "Neuter please". Wow. That's a little rude. Let me explain something here. I am not your average dog owner. I have been around more puppies than most people will in their entire life. My family bred labs that competed, with one son going on to be a grand champion hunter and retriever. In fact the puppies that we bred were in such demand that the majority of the puppies were sold before the litter was whelped. We have also breed working cattle dogs and horses with the understanding that breeding requires responsibility and we have come up with some phenomenal dogs and horses. I don't let my dogs run loose. I didn't by a pet store puppy. I bought an impeccably bred dog that I may choose to breed one day, but only if it's the right thing to do. As a horse breeder I am well aware of the implications of breeding lower quality animals. It's hard enough to sell high quality animals, and with the issues of slaughter and unwanted horses I am well aware of the implications of breeding. How dare she tell ME what to do with my animals. Oh I forget that she knows everything at the tender age of 21. What a spoiled little bitch.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Monroe doesn't suck anymore!!

Well there are quite a few things that I could do with out in this town, however the addition of Threads Unlimited Knits has made life so much better and it just opened today. I was antsy the whole day when I finally got out and went down there. Ro is an amazingly friendly and wonderful lady. She embodies the ideal of a knit shop owner. She is more than willing to take a minute out of her busy day to connect with you, answer your questions and make you feel comfortable. Currently her yarn selection is a little thin, but she is expecting a few more shipments of yarn in the next couple of weeks and I can't wait to see what comes in. Of course the more Monroe knitters shop, the more diverse her yarn selection will be, and I am sure I will be an integral source of capitol (due to my yarn addiction).

Even more than petting fun yarns, the atmosphere in the shop makes it feel like home. I was almost hesitant to sit around, but the second I walked in I felt like I was in my living room with a bunch of new friends. We knit, we talked and we schemed. I met a few new people and I even sold a bunch of stitch markers. I actually left the LYS with more money than I came in with. Amazing.

So my new name is the "Guru" the knitting guru to be exact. I know that I have only been knitting for two years, but it seems that I have a larger base of understanding than other knitters who have been knitting that long. I don't know if it has anything to do with the sheer quantity of projects or the level of difficulty that I am willing to take on with absolutely no experience. It probably has to do with both though. There are a few things that I understand very well, biochemical pathways, bacteria....knitting. I should really do something with the design ideas I have. I did by some more Berrocco Bonsai today so that I could work on my shorts only to remember that I have no idea what I did with the waist band that I have made.

I think some of the most interesting comments I have heard about knitting lately is the desire to knit in a more "mainstream" fashion. I know I have said it before although probably not here, but knitting is all about freedom of expression, creativity and ingenuity. I don't believe there is a wrong way of knitting as long as you produce the result that you like. Never listen to anyone say "that's the wrong way." Pick, throw, hold your yarn as you please. I think that some ways of holding yarn help maintain gauge though. Do what your comfortable with.

In other news, I finished my SWS pillow, stuffed and all. Wooohoo I CAN finish things!! I have to stay up late tonight for reasons untold, so I have some time on my hands. We are leaving in an hour to get the puppy. Squeeee!!

Better get ready, I just went into the black hole of crafts and managed to find the lost box of knitting and my bonsai shorts. Off I go!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The countdown continues.....

.....For a couple of things. First Threads Unlimited will be opening tomorrow. Squeeeeeee!! We start our seminar series tomorrow though which means I will be a little pressed for time, life is too busy. The only reason I have time to blog is because I have office hours that none of my students come to, even when they say they will. Back on subject, hopefully I will have an hour or so to spend at the LYS which is down from the original 3 that I had hoped for. I know, call me a knitting geek, but there are others like me! (therefore the creation of Ravelry).
The other fantastic happening is that we will be leaving early Saturday morning for Tennessee!!! Puppy!!! I have had a few people look at me funny when I tell them that we are getting a new dog so soon after losing Rusty, but all the REAL dog people understand. It starts at about 2:00 pm. In the back of my head I know I have to go home to a Rusty-less house and my mood changes to that of downright miserable. I try to hold back tears and the moment I unlock the door and he's not there to run me over, making me drop my bag with the computer in the process all because of a squirrell that has been taunting him all day, well anyway that's about when I lose all composure.

I usually try not to talk about anything personal on this blog but Rusty left a huge hole and I know from experience that while a puppy will never make one forget a great dog, they certainly help fill it up.

Enough wallowing....
what's on the wheel
same thing
What's on the needles....
Added to the list of UFOs and WIPs is the Mock Croc Socks. I remembered my Froehlich Special Blauband Sock yarn that is the perfect shade of green for "mock croc" and I also got my harmony needles last night (forgot that major detail) which meant not only do I have to change all my WIP's needles to the new ones, but I had to cast on something. I keep telling Tonya that I will show her how to do socks using Magic Loop (best technique EVER) and although I have two other pairs of socks that need finishing, well I just figured I would start a new pair.
Got to love that European wool!!
I was thinking about pulling out another project that I started over Christmas to, becuase by the time I get finish it will be next winter.....
From the fantastic Drops design studio, which has an imense library of awesome patterns (if you go there and don't find about 50 things you want to knit, then your not a real knitter).

Well I think that is enough rambling for today, I better get back to getting something useful accomplished.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

new puppy!

Well the only way a true dog person gets through the loss of a beloved dog is to get a puppy. I'm optimistic about getting another Elhew Pointer because look how cute he is!

This is Sis's Big Shot and I'm not saying that he is the pup we are getting, but he is definitely one we are looking at. So Saturday we are leaving early to Pinehill Kennels to go get a puppy.

Hold on folks, this is not just a blog about a dog (haha, I'm a poet), I started knitting a collar for the new puppy. So it might be just a little embarrassing for a bird dog to be wearing a knitted collar, but how do you think he's going to feel when he gets booties and a sweater.

What's on the wheel-
More of Heather's shawl yarn

What's on the needles-
What's not....I have been casting on fairly promiscuously in the last few days to deal with the loss. I did finish Hunter's fuzzy sweater and my felted bag.

What's on the hook-
I bought some Paton's SWS (cause the colors are SOOO pretty) and I'm starting a decrative pillow, I need to get more. Just hdc's, nothing special.

The felted bag. Yes lets talk about felting. I think that my first REAL felting project may be my last. It looks cute when it's just sitting there but it really is not that great for actually carrying anything. Hmm that might be a problem. Well I guess that will go in the pile of FOs that just didn't turn out how I had hoped along with the shrug I felted acidently, Chrissy's afghan, Hunter's boa yarn cardie, Hunter's jacket, Joe's sweater, yada yada yada.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Goodbye Rusty

This evening as we were hanging out in the driveway working on Ben's car, Rusty ran out in the road and was hit by a car. I don't think the driver saw him at all and cannot be blamed other than he was driving too fast, but it hurts more than I ever imagined it could. This isn't the first dog we have lost, but one of the hardest to lose. Rusty was a huge part of our family and always deserved the best.

For those of you who don't know, Joe rescued Rusty from a bird hunt club where he worked in Colorado. Rusty came to us a sad and pathetic dog. Even though I was aprehensive about getting another dog, he was so sad that I had to let him stay. Before us, he had many homes and had been abused. He was 7 when he came to live with us and he was 11 when he died. Rusty was a great dog and had many more years left, a sad end to his life, he deserved so much better.

So next time your in a hurry speeding through a residential area, slow down. It isn't just dogs that run out in the road.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monroe will still suck for another week

I found out today that Threads unlimited knits will not open until Feb 22 ::::crying:::: due to delayed shipments of yarn. Therefore Monroe will continue to be sucky until LYS opens. =(.

We are supposed to be meeting tonight with possibly 4 people. That is if dh lets me go.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monroe Stitch N Bitch

Tonya and I have now gone twice for some knitting and coffee, currently there is one more person interested and hopefully with the addition of the yarn shop I can recruit more!! I finished my "Dream Swatch Headband" last night and I blocked it this morning so it is drying.

I also started a bag that I plan to felt. That's right I am planning to felt something. Expanding my horizons or something like that. I was at Hobby Lobby on Friday and found some felting yarn in a gorgeous colorway that was on sale for $1.97/ ball. Of course I bought it guilt free. I also pulled out some of my needle tatting and realized that the colors go perfectly with the yarn I bought. So accidently a project was born. The tatting was originally going to be just a doily but since I plan on felting this bag I think I will sew it on as decoration. Can't wait to finish that!

More exciting news, I am finally getting my Christmas present from my mom (not her fault, they weren't available). Harmony needles from Knit Picks, the whole set!! Yay, can't wait to try them out.

I will take some pics this evening and post them if I can get online tonight.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Knitting in Monroe

Knitting in Monroe is about to get better. When I first moved here my first yellow page search was for a LYS and with much disapointment I found there was only chain stores. I was then even more upset to learn that JoAnn Fabrics had closed it's doors to Monroe. That made me sad.

Well the joy is back! Threads Unlimited Knits will be opening on Feb. 15!!!!!!!!!! That means not only do I have a yarn shop within driving distance, I have a yarn shop that is 5 min. away, something I have never been fortunate enough to have.

Of course I am a fiend so I stalked the yarn shop and was welcomed in by the owner Ro. She is a wonderful lady. Of course the fact that she opened a yarn shop in the wool deficient town of Monroe already makes her great, but she exemplifies what a knitter and a LYS owner should be. I plan on stopping by as soon as I get out my weekly lab meeting. The monkey will be at school so I figure I will have a couple hours to shop, and then hang out and knit with some people with the same rediculous compulsion as me.

Speaking of those with my same illness, I am starting a Stitch 'N Bitch group with the help of my new found friend from Ravelry (the best site EVER), Tonya. She has as much enthusiasm as I do and for now it will just be the two of us. Hopefully some more Monroe-ians will want to join. I think it would be awesome to have a group of hard core fiber lovers to discuss what makes us tick. I love hanging out with other knitters, hearing their critique of my work and so forth. Not to mention having someone to show off to, hehe. Non-knitters just don't get excited when you show them the fabulous new yarn you bought for an ubelievable bargain or finish a project. At least not with the same ferver.

What's on the needles--
Heather's Wedding Shawl (Mediterrenian Lace). I can post this cause I know she (or for that matter anyone else) reads my posts

I'm using a handspun lace yarn that I can spin more if needed. Got to give undyed fiber props
for something.

I've been dragging my feet on Hunter's sweater. I only have to shape the neck left but it's hard to get excited due to the fact I had the AC on in Feb. I still have to rip back to fix where I fucked up the neck shaping and "dream" doesn't lend itself to easy frogging. It will be cute but it won't be a spectacular piece, more utility.

What's on the wheel--

Surprisingly it's not the above yarn. I will need more of that but for now I have a heavy lace yarn from a merino/tussah silk roving that was laying around screaming "Make Lace Yarn"

What's on the hook--
Nothing. Mom took my favorite size fancy crochet hook