Tuesday, February 19, 2008

new puppy!

Well the only way a true dog person gets through the loss of a beloved dog is to get a puppy. I'm optimistic about getting another Elhew Pointer because look how cute he is!

This is Sis's Big Shot and I'm not saying that he is the pup we are getting, but he is definitely one we are looking at. So Saturday we are leaving early to Pinehill Kennels to go get a puppy.

Hold on folks, this is not just a blog about a dog (haha, I'm a poet), I started knitting a collar for the new puppy. So it might be just a little embarrassing for a bird dog to be wearing a knitted collar, but how do you think he's going to feel when he gets booties and a sweater.

What's on the wheel-
More of Heather's shawl yarn

What's on the needles-
What's not....I have been casting on fairly promiscuously in the last few days to deal with the loss. I did finish Hunter's fuzzy sweater and my felted bag.

What's on the hook-
I bought some Paton's SWS (cause the colors are SOOO pretty) and I'm starting a decrative pillow, I need to get more. Just hdc's, nothing special.

The felted bag. Yes lets talk about felting. I think that my first REAL felting project may be my last. It looks cute when it's just sitting there but it really is not that great for actually carrying anything. Hmm that might be a problem. Well I guess that will go in the pile of FOs that just didn't turn out how I had hoped along with the shrug I felted acidently, Chrissy's afghan, Hunter's boa yarn cardie, Hunter's jacket, Joe's sweater, yada yada yada.

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