Thursday, February 21, 2008

The countdown continues.....

.....For a couple of things. First Threads Unlimited will be opening tomorrow. Squeeeeeee!! We start our seminar series tomorrow though which means I will be a little pressed for time, life is too busy. The only reason I have time to blog is because I have office hours that none of my students come to, even when they say they will. Back on subject, hopefully I will have an hour or so to spend at the LYS which is down from the original 3 that I had hoped for. I know, call me a knitting geek, but there are others like me! (therefore the creation of Ravelry).
The other fantastic happening is that we will be leaving early Saturday morning for Tennessee!!! Puppy!!! I have had a few people look at me funny when I tell them that we are getting a new dog so soon after losing Rusty, but all the REAL dog people understand. It starts at about 2:00 pm. In the back of my head I know I have to go home to a Rusty-less house and my mood changes to that of downright miserable. I try to hold back tears and the moment I unlock the door and he's not there to run me over, making me drop my bag with the computer in the process all because of a squirrell that has been taunting him all day, well anyway that's about when I lose all composure.

I usually try not to talk about anything personal on this blog but Rusty left a huge hole and I know from experience that while a puppy will never make one forget a great dog, they certainly help fill it up.

Enough wallowing....
what's on the wheel
same thing
What's on the needles....
Added to the list of UFOs and WIPs is the Mock Croc Socks. I remembered my Froehlich Special Blauband Sock yarn that is the perfect shade of green for "mock croc" and I also got my harmony needles last night (forgot that major detail) which meant not only do I have to change all my WIP's needles to the new ones, but I had to cast on something. I keep telling Tonya that I will show her how to do socks using Magic Loop (best technique EVER) and although I have two other pairs of socks that need finishing, well I just figured I would start a new pair.
Got to love that European wool!!
I was thinking about pulling out another project that I started over Christmas to, becuase by the time I get finish it will be next winter.....
From the fantastic Drops design studio, which has an imense library of awesome patterns (if you go there and don't find about 50 things you want to knit, then your not a real knitter).

Well I think that is enough rambling for today, I better get back to getting something useful accomplished.

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