Monday, February 4, 2008

Knitting in Monroe

Knitting in Monroe is about to get better. When I first moved here my first yellow page search was for a LYS and with much disapointment I found there was only chain stores. I was then even more upset to learn that JoAnn Fabrics had closed it's doors to Monroe. That made me sad.

Well the joy is back! Threads Unlimited Knits will be opening on Feb. 15!!!!!!!!!! That means not only do I have a yarn shop within driving distance, I have a yarn shop that is 5 min. away, something I have never been fortunate enough to have.

Of course I am a fiend so I stalked the yarn shop and was welcomed in by the owner Ro. She is a wonderful lady. Of course the fact that she opened a yarn shop in the wool deficient town of Monroe already makes her great, but she exemplifies what a knitter and a LYS owner should be. I plan on stopping by as soon as I get out my weekly lab meeting. The monkey will be at school so I figure I will have a couple hours to shop, and then hang out and knit with some people with the same rediculous compulsion as me.

Speaking of those with my same illness, I am starting a Stitch 'N Bitch group with the help of my new found friend from Ravelry (the best site EVER), Tonya. She has as much enthusiasm as I do and for now it will just be the two of us. Hopefully some more Monroe-ians will want to join. I think it would be awesome to have a group of hard core fiber lovers to discuss what makes us tick. I love hanging out with other knitters, hearing their critique of my work and so forth. Not to mention having someone to show off to, hehe. Non-knitters just don't get excited when you show them the fabulous new yarn you bought for an ubelievable bargain or finish a project. At least not with the same ferver.

What's on the needles--
Heather's Wedding Shawl (Mediterrenian Lace). I can post this cause I know she (or for that matter anyone else) reads my posts

I'm using a handspun lace yarn that I can spin more if needed. Got to give undyed fiber props
for something.

I've been dragging my feet on Hunter's sweater. I only have to shape the neck left but it's hard to get excited due to the fact I had the AC on in Feb. I still have to rip back to fix where I fucked up the neck shaping and "dream" doesn't lend itself to easy frogging. It will be cute but it won't be a spectacular piece, more utility.

What's on the wheel--

Surprisingly it's not the above yarn. I will need more of that but for now I have a heavy lace yarn from a merino/tussah silk roving that was laying around screaming "Make Lace Yarn"

What's on the hook--
Nothing. Mom took my favorite size fancy crochet hook

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