Sunday, February 24, 2008

He's here!!

We left yesterday morning at about 3:00, drove 6 hours, spent an hour deciding which dog to bring home, finally picked and drove 6 hours back! He doesn't have a name yet though, Joe has yet to decide and doesn't like any of my suggestions. Please excuse the following rant....
Of course the know it all strikes again. I texted a pic to Joe's sister so that she could show his parents. What do I get back as a reply? "Neuter please". Wow. That's a little rude. Let me explain something here. I am not your average dog owner. I have been around more puppies than most people will in their entire life. My family bred labs that competed, with one son going on to be a grand champion hunter and retriever. In fact the puppies that we bred were in such demand that the majority of the puppies were sold before the litter was whelped. We have also breed working cattle dogs and horses with the understanding that breeding requires responsibility and we have come up with some phenomenal dogs and horses. I don't let my dogs run loose. I didn't by a pet store puppy. I bought an impeccably bred dog that I may choose to breed one day, but only if it's the right thing to do. As a horse breeder I am well aware of the implications of breeding lower quality animals. It's hard enough to sell high quality animals, and with the issues of slaughter and unwanted horses I am well aware of the implications of breeding. How dare she tell ME what to do with my animals. Oh I forget that she knows everything at the tender age of 21. What a spoiled little bitch.

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