Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The opinion column

New feature!! Not really knitting related. Today's opinion is what people in Monroe are willing to do to their cars.

First off here is a list of things I need to do to make white lighting a cool truck

1. 3 foot lift kit

2. A hot pink Browning buck sticker

3. A push bar for the front

4. Headache rack or roll bar, with lights

5. something camo

6. an airbrushed front licence plate

I saw this today at the mall....

Now I'm not sure if they used a four dollar can of spray paint or something removable, but what better way to to customize your Subaru than by using amateur artistic talent to paint flames on your car. "It just seemed like a good idea! And look, it really adds to the appearance of the car while adding value at the same time. Plus the car goes about 10 mph faster!!"

Really, what were you thinking?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back from a long vacation in my head

Sorry it has been a few days, been a little busy. Well I have pictures on my phone that I would like to share but I can't find the mini SD card to get them to the computer. Theoretically I should be able to use the blue tooth on my computer and on the phone to get them on but technology never works for me, only against me.

I did see something the other day that shocked me to the bone so much I took pictures.

That's right, she is actually wearing the slippers I made for her, just in time for her to grow out of them, makes a momma proud!!

Well I did a little picture editing and decided to post this lovely...

It is a little difficult to see how super fine and ultra soft and downright beautiful the colors are but....that is a size 1 needle. Say it with me.....Robynn you need help.
I also wanted to show a proud mommy pic!! She knits!! Really, there are witnesses.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Needle collecting and other fun stuff

First off, I have 5 new colors at Threads, all are 70% merino and 30% silk fingering weight (sock yarn!!) In the chaos that is my life I forgot to take pictures, but since I am at the shop every day I promise I will take some tomorrow and post them. Anyway the new colorways are....

Hammer Pants--fluorescent green/bright purple

Hunter--green/yellow/hot pink/bright purple

Pickle Barrel--green/ecru/brown



These are $20 each for 440 yds (enough for a pair of socks + extra). I was planning on selling some cobweb merino in the zen colorway, but it breaks to easily when balling it up ( has to be hand balled very carefully) so I decided that I would be responsible and keep it to myself.

And more excitement.... My momma is the best. The greatest gifts always come from someone who truly understands you, and since we might as well be the same person, I can honestly say she understands me. I have been craving Sox Stix from Lantern Moon for a while now, and in the mail today I got some, as well as a few other goodies.

Let me explain something about my knitting habit. It's not just that I love knitting, and I do, it's also that I love collecting anything involved with knitting. I have a penchant for 5" dps and if manufacturer makes them, they will end up in my needle collection. I think I have a problem. I have been knitting for ~2.5 years and my needle collection rivals that of lifetime knitters. We won't talk about my stash (Ravelry shows about half of it, I have yet to get into the boxes of embarrassing yarn and stuff that has only been recently purchased).

The rest of the package included some buffalo down for spinning, a couple balls of Panda Silk, my signed copy of Maggie's book and Arctic Lace. Can't wait to delve into that, although I really should be reading books relating to school....nyahh. But really thanks for the early B-day Mom, I love it!!!!!!!!

I've also decided that I truly have lost my mind because I'm giving up on the Heather shawl in favor of something that I actually have yarn for (the merino that couldn't make it to market). I also chose a new pattern, circular, written in German, although it is charted , and beautiful!! Of course I decided that a size 1 needle would be best (what is wrong with me?) and I am wondering if maybe a size 15 and worsted weight yarn might be a little more feasible. Okay how about I move up to size 3. Maybe then I can have it finished by her 3rd wedding anniversary. Again pictures tomorrow this time cause I don't believe in flash photography with a point and shoot, it never turns out well.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Classes and future hand dyed!!

The first round of class dates is now set in stone!!! Here is when they will be plus a few more details. As the time comes I will post more details.

Sock class:
Session 1: May 13 and 20, 7:00-8:30 pm
Session 2: May 16 and 23, 2:00-3:30 pm
Where: Threads Unlimited Knits
Cost: $35 + supplies

Beginner Lace:
May 19 and 26 7:00-8:30 pm
Cost: $35 + supplies

I have the details of what will be covered in the class and I will give out some of those details a week or two before classes start. Class size is limited to 5 people per session and all materials used in class must be purchased at Threads with a few exceptions which I will discuss at sign up. I will also do an individual 20 min followup (no charge. by appointment, limited to 45 days after the class) to help with issues that arrise in the final project. I will be doing additional sock classes and beginner lace classess throughout the summer by demand as well as an advanced lace class (probably one in June and one in the beginning of August).

I also wanted to let everyone know that I have finally found a source for base yarn for my hand dyed yarn that I can count on for consistent (and fabulous) yarns!! Hopefully we will be putting in an order by the end of the week!!! I am hoping that by summer I will have all my colorways fully developed and also that I can find a few more people interested in selling my hand dyes!! I have a few leads on shops that might be interested in carrying them (one in PA and 2 or 3 in CO) and if that works out, I will hopefully be taking on an apprentice (you know who you are girlfriend!!!) to help me deal with the loads and loads of yarn being ordered...would you please quit falling out of your chair, it's not THAT funny. I jokingly tell her its an unpaid internship with the finest dyer on Bon Aire Dr.

I will also doing several limited amounts of special stuff depending on availability of my other source. These will usually be limited to less than 10 skeins in one selected colorway, but will be worth it. I promise that I will not turn into one of those snotty Indie dyers who charges $25 for 200 yds of sock yarn. I will never charge over $20 for a skein (unless it's cashmere, then I HAVE to charge a little more). And every skein of lace weight will make a decent size stole, and every skein of sock yarn will make at least one pair of socks!!!

New colors!!

I spent several hours deciding on the perfect color ways, and the local dye guru (stop laughing and get back in your chair) has come up with some fabulous colors for spring lace! I wanted to do something with subtle color changes so that when knitting the lace, the pattern shows through and the colorway doesn't take over. After all, why spend all that time on k2tog, ssk, and yo and not even be able to see it?

Left to right: Horton, Zen, Tallulah, and Pushing Up Daisies

I had to monkey with the picture to get the colors true to life, but voila, there you have it!

So this is the time of the year when people often ask me, "what is that intoxicating scent you are wearing?" To which I reply, "Why it's Cutter Deep Woods." I have 6 mosquito bites from standing outside for 2 minutes with out bug spray. Those of you who know me personally know that I don't get along with bug bites very well. Only time will tell exactly what species of mosquito bit me by how much pain and swelling shows up in the next few days. If it's those little black stipedy ones then I'm screwed. I think the common name is Asian Tiger Mosquito or something cute like that.

I have also decided that I no longer want to be a biologist and that I should follow my true calling. I have shunned the idea (or rather DH has) for over a year now because it is not "practical." Hopefully this summer is a turning point for either direction that is either my research takes a turn for the "this is valuable research that will actually work" (the better) or my fiber arts career takes off like weeds in my front yard. I'm really hoping for the latter. Okay enough complaining for the day.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Thursday Night SNB

Here is some pics of the Thursday night "Sit and Stitch" as Tonya so eloquently renamed (much more PC, which is good!). We had a really great time, Ro is such a great hostess!

Crappy blurry picture, sorry, camera sucks occasionally.

I now have my own corner at the shop filled with my handiwork, which is very exciting for me. Now I just need to make sure that I put all that money :::::rolls off the chair laughing:::::: away to buy supplies!!

I have stitch markers, earrings and a half basket of hand dyed yarn. I am debating putting out some of my hand spun also.

Here it is with the famous feathers and fan shawl (Eugen Buegler)

I finished spinning up some heavy lace weight the other day and started Krista, a fantastic doily. The pattern is not very large, but plan on adding to the outside and making it as big as I can. In this case the amount of yarn will dictate the size of the doilie. I have been translating this and several other patterns from Danish to English in the past months. It has been a challenge, but with the help of Yarn Over's Dictionary and Nurhanne (who emailed me back a translation in record time, which I am so grateful) I can actually get through all the lace patterns even if I haven't translated it out. That means that I can read (not speak) Danish if it relates to knitting!! I am so proud of myself.
The problem with this is that since I am translating, and the patterns are not charted and so forth, mistakes are easily made. The problem being that I cast on 8 st, when I should have cast on 6. That means I did 8 repeats instead of 6. That means that it won't come out as a circle, but rather some ruffled thingy (not what I want AT ALL). That means that I have to frog the whole thing and start over. I spent all weekend on that damn thing. GRRRR. I only realized that this morning as I was reformatting the pattern so I could put in PDF form. ARRRRRGGGGGHHHH. I can't wait to design the rest of it and now I am behind. This is to be one of my crowning glories as a lace knitter and I have to GO BACK!!! I am so frustrated at the moment, can you tell?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I am a smart girl. At least I have been told that and I believe it because when I walk around I hear something rattling in my head and I'm pretty sure that would be my brain. There are certain things that you are taught as a young girl.
Like when you use bleach, always dilute and never let bleach near wool. In a moment of disappointment that my colors ran in the white while dying yarn last week I had the brilliant idea to bleach the color out. What did I do? I filled a bowl full of undiluted bleach dipped the yarn in there and left it. About 10 seconds later I heard a fizzing sound and turned around to see my yarn steaming, yes steaming. Dumb ass.
So at this point I realize that I am a complete idiot and washed it off. Dumb ass. Needless to say the yarn was ruined although I didn't realize it until I started to skein it and as I turned my umbrella swift the yarn broke and I did really try to save it but it just kept braking and it is now sitting at the house half skeined and begging not to be thrown out. Because I am sympathetic to my yarn it might get to stick around for Hunter to play with. I'm not sure how that is being sympathetic, but it beats going to the landfill.

I am also debating the feasibility of actually finishing Heather's Shawl in the three months that I have left to finish. Remember not only do I have to knit, I have to spin. So I am going to graciously give up. I ordered some cobweight cashmere at a phenomenal price and I will pick something beautiful that can be finished in time. HAHAHAHA