Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I am a smart girl. At least I have been told that and I believe it because when I walk around I hear something rattling in my head and I'm pretty sure that would be my brain. There are certain things that you are taught as a young girl.
Like when you use bleach, always dilute and never let bleach near wool. In a moment of disappointment that my colors ran in the white while dying yarn last week I had the brilliant idea to bleach the color out. What did I do? I filled a bowl full of undiluted bleach dipped the yarn in there and left it. About 10 seconds later I heard a fizzing sound and turned around to see my yarn steaming, yes steaming. Dumb ass.
So at this point I realize that I am a complete idiot and washed it off. Dumb ass. Needless to say the yarn was ruined although I didn't realize it until I started to skein it and as I turned my umbrella swift the yarn broke and I did really try to save it but it just kept braking and it is now sitting at the house half skeined and begging not to be thrown out. Because I am sympathetic to my yarn it might get to stick around for Hunter to play with. I'm not sure how that is being sympathetic, but it beats going to the landfill.

I am also debating the feasibility of actually finishing Heather's Shawl in the three months that I have left to finish. Remember not only do I have to knit, I have to spin. So I am going to graciously give up. I ordered some cobweight cashmere at a phenomenal price and I will pick something beautiful that can be finished in time. HAHAHAHA

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