Monday, March 31, 2008

This might take a while

I have so much catching up to do! Usually I sit in my office for a couple hours and waste a whole lot of time looking at all things knitting. Since I was off last week, I actually did some things that one might consider productive....WHAT?? That's right. Productive.

So, the Mother-in-law was in town for 5 days last week and I couldn't let her leave without something hand knit that I know will get scoffed at behind my back and thrown in a closet. I think it was very pretty and Ro agreed.

Not the best pic of it, but still very pretty. It was a wide border scarf from Victorian Lace done in Koigu KPPPM, one of my favorite yarns of all time. I have been trying to get out of only making socks with it, because not very many people notice my fantastic feet, but will always notice a nice lace piece. I managed to finish it in record time, only took the five days she was here to knit, block and finish!!

I now have a key to the knit shop.... I thought I died and went to heaven, but was coldly thrown back into reality this morning... not a topic for here though. I went every day last week. I can be in such a pissy mood, go there and life seems okay again. Wow!

Ever the enterprising knitter, I died a bunch of sock weight and lace weight to be sold at Threads.

A couple in the basket have been claimed by Hunter already which leads me into my next subject...

Hunter is learning to knit. She FOUR!!! How exciting is that. She must watch me a lot cause she holds the needle like a pro instead of forming a fist around them. She does a REALLY good job too, I am so proud. Okay, it's already after 3 and I am fiending for some Threads Unlimited. Tomorrow, I will be back with more pics and some details. Tata!!

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