Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back from a long vacation in my head

Sorry it has been a few days, been a little busy. Well I have pictures on my phone that I would like to share but I can't find the mini SD card to get them to the computer. Theoretically I should be able to use the blue tooth on my computer and on the phone to get them on but technology never works for me, only against me.

I did see something the other day that shocked me to the bone so much I took pictures.

That's right, she is actually wearing the slippers I made for her, just in time for her to grow out of them, makes a momma proud!!

Well I did a little picture editing and decided to post this lovely...

It is a little difficult to see how super fine and ultra soft and downright beautiful the colors are but....that is a size 1 needle. Say it with me.....Robynn you need help.
I also wanted to show a proud mommy pic!! She knits!! Really, there are witnesses.

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Melissa said...

I found you from the Monroe group on ravelry, but I've been admiring your handiwork in the shop. The yarn and stitchmarkers are beautiful and I saw the shawl last week which is gorgeous!
Nice to finally "meet" you. Maybe I'll see you in the shop sometime.