Monday, April 7, 2008

Thursday Night SNB

Here is some pics of the Thursday night "Sit and Stitch" as Tonya so eloquently renamed (much more PC, which is good!). We had a really great time, Ro is such a great hostess!

Crappy blurry picture, sorry, camera sucks occasionally.

I now have my own corner at the shop filled with my handiwork, which is very exciting for me. Now I just need to make sure that I put all that money :::::rolls off the chair laughing:::::: away to buy supplies!!

I have stitch markers, earrings and a half basket of hand dyed yarn. I am debating putting out some of my hand spun also.

Here it is with the famous feathers and fan shawl (Eugen Buegler)

I finished spinning up some heavy lace weight the other day and started Krista, a fantastic doily. The pattern is not very large, but plan on adding to the outside and making it as big as I can. In this case the amount of yarn will dictate the size of the doilie. I have been translating this and several other patterns from Danish to English in the past months. It has been a challenge, but with the help of Yarn Over's Dictionary and Nurhanne (who emailed me back a translation in record time, which I am so grateful) I can actually get through all the lace patterns even if I haven't translated it out. That means that I can read (not speak) Danish if it relates to knitting!! I am so proud of myself.
The problem with this is that since I am translating, and the patterns are not charted and so forth, mistakes are easily made. The problem being that I cast on 8 st, when I should have cast on 6. That means I did 8 repeats instead of 6. That means that it won't come out as a circle, but rather some ruffled thingy (not what I want AT ALL). That means that I have to frog the whole thing and start over. I spent all weekend on that damn thing. GRRRR. I only realized that this morning as I was reformatting the pattern so I could put in PDF form. ARRRRRGGGGGHHHH. I can't wait to design the rest of it and now I am behind. This is to be one of my crowning glories as a lace knitter and I have to GO BACK!!! I am so frustrated at the moment, can you tell?

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