Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rude KIPer

If you are going to knit in public, you have to be of a personality that welcomes stares, comments, and the occasional compliment. As a person who must constantly have something keeping my attention and a knitter who can't leave home without one of my small WIPs, I have learned and accepted that I will get the people who stare at me with a dirty look wondering why in the hell I would bring knitting into a public domain. Other's even voice their contempt at my brazen display of crafty ability. That always bugs me a little but they must be simply jealous right? Other times I get people who are absolutely fascinated by what I am doing, and these are my favorites. I let them touch the yarn, give a quick layman's explanation of my project at hand, and try not to drown them in my enthusiasm. In fact the latest post of Knitting Daily talked about knit outs, this time at an Avalanche (Denver's NHL Hockey team for those who don't follow) game. I have been known to take knitting to hockey games and my mom who has season tickets to the Av's usually brings her sticks with her also. I get looks and comments from others but I often find the worst criticism comes from my husband and her soon to be ex husband.

So I was very surprised when I approached a girl in the Starbucks on campus who was KIP and got the cold shoulder. I told her that it was awesome to see another knitter brazen enough to show her handiness in public. She was downright rude and responded with an "eh". At that point I just wanted to tell her everything that she was doing wrong instead of applauding her for her creativity.

Remember that next time you pull your sticks out for some public knitting. Some people are actually interested in what your doing. Girls like that give knitting a bad name.

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