Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just a quick post, I have been very busy with kids and thesis! I did take a half day and dye up some yarns though!
The new landscape colorway is up on Etsy now, and the sock yarns (there are two more) will be up in the next week! I just got a bunch of base yarns in all kinds of cool fibers that will be dyed up soon and I have a lot of new colorways for landscape to try out also. I am also considering trying my dye method on heavier weight yarns and for socks which will be fun. I have a little bit of cashmere/Lycra that will make a great sock yarn, some unbelievably soft merino dk a bunch of cashmere/wool and some super luscious silk/cashmere/merino lace weight in limited quantities that I can't wait to dye also as well as some merino/alpaca/nylon sock yarn that is soaking and waiting to be dyed! Okay, more later, I will try to come back to the bloggy before too long...

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