Monday, June 30, 2008

Esty shop

Just wanted to let everyone know that the etsy shop is up and running! Right now I have one handspun and several stitch markers. I need to take some pics and I should have a few more handspuns up in the next couple of days.

I am really excited about my new patterns and the positive response on them. I had one knitter contact me about the basket weave handbag. She mentioned that she really doesn't crochet and me (like a moron) forgets that not all knitter's crochet also. So here is a simple solution for those who don't crochet:

Instead of binding off, switch to the cotton yarn. Decrease every stitch, 38 st remain. Work in garter st for 4 rows (2 purl ridges on the front side).
next row: k12, bo 14, k12
next row: k12, co 14, k12 (leaving an opening for the handle but joining to the last 12 stitches) Knit 6 more rows (3 purl ridges on the front side) Bind off.
Pick up 76 stitches from the cast on edge and repeat the above directions.
Sew up side seams, weave in ends.

I used garter stitch as an example but in the spirit of making it your own, you can use any stitch that doesn't curl such as seed stitch. I will be sure to add this to the end of the pattern post also.

I did start on the Malabrigo bag, but I'm not particularly happy with it right now, it just didn't come out like I had pictured in my head. I'm working on a baby surprise jacket for a preggo friend of my mine and that is almost done, so I might try and pick it back up and have another pattern by the end of this week. Then it is off to Colorado for me!!

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