Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New handspun

In addition to the new pattern, I was busy this weekend spinning up some pretty new yarn that I felt I need to share.
I also decided that I really need a plying head for the Lendrum and Christmas is still months away... Maybe I could buy it for the hubby's birthday in September. After all he does buy me presents for himself. Okay maybe not, I guess I just need to sell my soul... or yarn... who would like to buy 320 yards (4 oz) of sport weight 100% hand spun wool? $30. Maybe I need to get on etsy.
I really have the spinning bug right now, I started some pretty blended merino last night and I'm thinking about plying it with some mill spun cashmere singles that I have and have no idea what to do with. The merino is very pretty yellow blended with some orange, light blue and pink, and the cashmere is a lighter yellow, I post pics when I can take some.
I am also finding that I don't do forced knitting very well either. I can't even stand the sight of Heather's wedding shawl, so it might turn into Heather's wedding purse or something (not the actual shawl, but I might make a purse instead, which gives me an idea but I would have to spin the yarn and that probably won't happen). I should make something fun for the bridesmaids, each different so I don't get bored...Angelina!! sorry, that was the turret syndrome speaking, angelina the fiber not the brood mare, I mean actress. I am very easily distracted today and rambling so on that note I am off to a cookie cake party in my honor (not really, they just invited me).

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