Monday, June 23, 2008

New Pattern- Basket weave handbag

Call me the bag lady for the next few weeks, I seem to have a desire to use up all of my single skeins and small bags are perfect for that. This week is a very simple little bag, very light and perfect for the hot weather. I saw a scarf in a similar color way of a different Manos yarn and I loved the stitch pattern, but what the heck am I going to do with a wool scarf in Louisiana???? If found the stitch pattern in my big book of knitting and decided to go for a bag instead. Sorry for the awful pic, I promise to get a better one up in the next few days.

Materials- Main color (MC) 1 skein Manos del Uruguay silk blend (150 yds) in 3113
Contrasting color (CC) 1 ball Patons Grace in Ruby
size 8 needles
size G/6 crochet hook

Gauge- who cares it's a purse (but if your a stickler--about 6 st/in in pattern, which is really hard to tell, but count both the right leaning stitch and the left leaning stitch below it)

Finished size- 8"x10"

Cast on 76 st and begin pattern as follows:
Basket weave stitch pattern-- worked over two stitches
Row 1-k1, *with right needle behind the first st, knit into the second stitch, do not drop stitch off of left needle, knit into first stitch and then drop both stitches off of left needle* rep *-* to last stitch, k1
Row 2- p2, *with right needle in front of first st, purl into the second stitch, do not drop stitch off of left needle, purl into first stitch and then drop both stitches off of left needle* rep*-* to last 2 stitches, p2

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until piece measures 12 inches, BO. Fold in half (hamburger style) and sew side seams. You should have enough yarn left to crochet one or two rounds around the top of the purse; if not, join CC. Single crochet around the top edge evenly in the round (see note below).
This is about the time I started just going and not paying attention to the fact that I wanted to write this pattern down. To keep even with the stitch pattern, I crocheted into every other BO or CO st, this tightened up the top fairly nice. This means that you should end up with 76 sc.

If you haven't already, switch to CC.
work 2 round of hdc.
next round: 12 hdc, ch 14, skip 14 hdc, 24 hdc, ch 14, skip 14 hdc, 12 hdc.
next round: 12 hdc, hdc in each ch (14), 24 hdc, hdc in each ch (14), 12 hdc.
work 2 more rounds of hdc, BO.

Finishing- weave in ends and sew in liner if desired.

Sc= single crochet
Ch= chain
hdc= half double crochet

See how easy that was?

for the non-crochet-ers, try this top:

Instead of binding off, switch to the cotton yarn. Decrease every stitch, 38 st remain. Work in garter st for 4 rows (2 purl ridges on the front side).
next row: k12, bo 14, k12
next row: k12, co 14, k12 (leaving an opening for the handle but joining to the last 12 stitches) Knit 6 more rows (3 purl ridges on the front side) Bind off.
Pick up 76 stitches from the cast on edge and repeat the above directions.
Sew up side seams, weave in ends.

Next week's bag pattern (hopefully if I don't lose my head before then):

I will pull myself into 2008 and finally knit with Malabrigo, since I am apparently the last knitter on earth to pick some up.

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