Saturday, May 19, 2007

There is nothing better than spending quality time with a GRE prep book, I seriously want to hurl. In between learning new big words and trying to figure out ridiculous math questions I have been working on a new pattern.

It's a redesign of a sexy little tank that I bought at Target and is now falling apart :(. I love the fit so I thought I would try to convert it to a knit tank. I had a couple of stray skeins in my stash so I combined them and it's looking very interesting. I will post the pattern and pics for a size medium as soon as I finish knitting it and I promise I will do the math and post it in as many sizes possible.

Molly and Knitter's Underground are having a Memorial weekend sale, so I think I will I will drag Christina (my latest addition to my harem of knit ho's) and introduce her to "real" yarn. She's picked everything up pretty quick but things kind of fell apart for her when I left her to her own devices, so I need to help her. I really am a pusher though, I take every opportunity I can to get someone hooked on yarn.

Well I have a fun night of drinking planned with Josh and hopefully Joe and I should get back to my stitches!