Monday, May 14, 2007

My not so crafty day

Trying to study for the GRE's really puts a damper on the crafty thing. I got a few stitches in on the traveler's sock I started yesterday. I'm not so sure I like the pattern, think it will take forever cause the pattern is so involved.

I did make it to AC Moore and discovered that they are now carrying Heidi Swap embellishments which is a big YAY. I love it. I've been going through my first scrapbook pages and adding to some not so great pages. The more stuff I get the more eclectic (that is a big GRE word by the way one of about a thousand I have to memorize in the next week) my pages become. Its getting to the point where I don't even bother matching colors. If it looks cool it goes in.

I've been staring at the skeins of yarn I dyed the other day and I really need to do something about this one. Maybe if I overdye the whole thing with blue it won't be so hideous.
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Is that not the ugliest color you have ever seen? It was supposed to be pinks, purples and blues, you know kind of girly, but itstead its just fugly. I like this one a little better. It's "French Country" just like the blue and yellow of french country quilts. I wonder how it will knit up?

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I think the most I accomplished today was to halter the new colt and wash Jo's legs off. They are getting really gross. He really needs a name and I'm waiting on Josh to get his lazy ass down here and go drinking so we can pick one out. Dianne thinks that Boulder would be a good name cause he lies around all day.
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