Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ugh and YAY

Well the yay is that I can finally tell the world that I am expecting! Here is the first picture of the little jelly bean due in December.

The ugh is the first couple months I'm feeling like dirt. Needless to say I have been extremely unproductive. Unfortunately I won't be dyeing much yarn, and even knitting feels like a chore. The meds that the doc gave me just put me to sleep. With no relief in site for at least the next month (hopefully I will enter blissful pregnancy after that), I doubt that I will be up to much.

It's killing me not to dye yarn cause I have a bunch waiting for me. I finally decided on a pattern and yarn for Heather's next wedding shawl. The new pattern was found in a German knitting pattern book from ??... Good thing I don't have to read German to read charts.

Yes I know its a table cloth, but in wool it can be a shawl and very pretty and lacy, etc.
Well that is about all the tummy will give me today, be back with pics of my accomplishments next time.

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Melissa said...

I was deathly sick my first few months and tried phenegren (sp?) and Reglan that just knocked me out; however, the other stuff (can't remember the name...the stuff they give to chemo patients) was WONDERFUL!!
Hope you feel better soon!!