Sunday, May 25, 2008

Local cockroach death ruled a suicide

Monroe, LA- Allied press
Local residents watched in shock as an unidentified adult male cockroach or climbed up the wall behind the stove, onto the exhaust hood and then leap into a pan of frying bacon grease in a home on Bon Aire Dr mid Saturday morning. The pan had fortunately been emptied of all bacon before the tragedy took place.

“I remember calling to my husband telling him that there was a cockroach on the wall behind the stove, I didn’t have time to do anything before he jumped,” said the female resident of the home who wishes to remain anonymous.

Local authorities are not sure why the cockroach chose to commit suicide, but they speculate that the smell of the bacon grease may have been to attractive to resist. It is not apparent if the roach was a transient or native to the home, however the residents are hoping for the first.

The roach was put to rest with the bacon grease that he was fried in a modified Miller Lite can.

In all seriousness, that was disgusting. I made sure to spray the whole entire house after that. I can't handle them in the house.


Laura said...

HAHA! I love it! You should write for the News Star!

Angela said...

Cockroach suicide is always.... um.... tragic? LOL At least he didn't come flying at you across the room to do his deed. Don't worry, they will quit trying to come in around NOVEMBER. ;o)