Monday, February 23, 2009

Preview of New yarn!!

I've been experimenting with a new method of dyeing lace yarn so that the color change is gradual from one end to the other. I have always liked certain color combos, but they never look quite right dyed as a variegated or even stripe and I really love some of the secondary colors that come in when doing colorways, but never really make a presence in the finished product. I had also noticed a few people coming up with this idea also, but the only indie dyed lace yarns I have seen like this came from recycled yarn, but the more a yarn is handled, it gets damaged, so I came up with a new method of dyeing. The new stuff is "Landscapes Lace" and hopefully I will be able to get a few more dyed up and in the shop soon.
HPIM3505 I came up with this one called "Electric Sunset" and it is the first of 4 colorways to start, I will be doing several more. I'm truly painting each skein from a artists prospective, so each will be an original.

A little info about the skeins- they are 100% Merino, 100g, 880 yards each, $35.00 per skein. One skein is plenty to a stole or most shawls. Right now I am working this skein for Adamas Shawl and it's lovely so far. Each color change has subtle variation and as soon as it gets a little farther along, I will post some pics.

So how do you make a quick come to a grinding halt? Add nupps. Evil, evil nupps. Purl 5 together? WTF?? Remember that bright rainbow window scarf for H? Yep. I also increased the budding lace total repeats and although I planned for the Lily of the Valley edge, I did not take into account the scallop edge and now cannot follow the pattern as written. I don't think it will be too hard to redesign the border though. Other than that my poor twisted roving is being neglected on the wheel and I have about 20 other "I really should make this for so-and-so" projects and zero inspiration to actually work on any of them. Either I need to survive on less sleep or I need more hours in the day, cause as it is I will never get everything done I want to do.

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