Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back in the saddle, or whatever...

Yep after almost three long months of nothing, I promise I am back for good. Well at least every couple weeks until I am so busy trying to write my thesis that I give up again.

What have I been up to...Well I had a baby!!

Isn't she cute? I'm so crafty I make people.

I dyed this

And I spun this.

I added some of my mom's handspun on etsy, an when I get a moment, I have one more to put up...
I'm going to build a light box one of these days so I can get some true to life colors...this is a little more red than the pic shows, but soft squishy and yummy.
Well it is ridiculously early and I think that monkey #2 is finally ready to call it a night, good thing tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep in a little!


apalone said...

Beautiful stuff there. Especially the cute little baby thing there at the top. ;o)

Brittany said...

Congrats on the girlie! She looks so peaceful. Almost makes up for the sleepless nights, right? ;)