Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Well I have actually found some time to do just a little knitting. I finally found all the yarn to finish the celia tank top that I started at the begining of this blog and get rid of that super itchy alpaca. I don't care what alpaca proponents say, Cashmere will always be finer than alpaca. I know this cause cashmere, even the super cheap stuff that you buy comercially, never makes me itchy.

Lets see, I finished one sock the other day... It was my first real atempt to knit from the toe up. I'm not entirely sure I like the method though. My short row heels didn't turn out so hot. You can see in the picture that it looks a little pointy. Right now I have the dreaded second sock syndrome, I'm not sure I will even make the second one, I may just start over.

After spending about a week on a very boring design I frogged it in favor of a crochet tank design (drops design 95-37) until I realized that I really suck at triple crochet. Good thing I have a mother who is very good and loves me enough to make it for me. I ended up starting a quick project last night, slippers for Hunter. It is a very pretty yarn (Artyarns supermerino) that is increadibly soft too. Fortunately this will be a two-three day project so I can feel better about myself when I finish something that I start. I chose to do a very simple design and let the pretty colors of the yarn do the work. I am getting a little more pooling than I would like though, I think its just because the rows are 40 stitches each.

Christmas is coming and I had planned knit hats for everyone, but I don't think that I will have time with all the school work. We get out early in December though so hopefully I can just whip up a few for some of my luckier friends and family :).

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