Friday, January 4, 2013

Rock the shot--January challenge

Rock the shot ( put up it's January photo challenge so why not? This has to be my favorite picture I took all year and is from our Christmas photo shoot. I took a day off of classes just to hang out with my two daughters. We started off the morning with a girls day of hair and make up and the girls got into their favorite fancy dresses for pictures. Photobucket We took the pictures in our kitchen using the light from the sliding glass door. Cheap studio, oh yeah! For post processing I used Lightroom 4 and a free preset, then added vignetting, and adjusted about every slider until the pinks and peaches really stood out. The biggest challenge was this was shot with my kit lens and it's not quite as sharp as I would like. I used a preset in Photoshop CS3 to sharpen the image for the web and added my watermark. I might be a little biased because they are my children, but I love the way it catches their personalities. I've had a lot of people wonder what's going on in the little one's head. Concocting a troublesome plan or dreaming of fairies? Check out the forum here at:

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