Sunday, March 1, 2009

Electric Sunset up on Etsy!!

Hmm, bad grammer first...So I just noticed some improper use of "your" and "you're." My appologies, I'm very embarassed...

In other news, the first skein of the new Landscapes Lace in "Electric Sunset" is already gone on Etsy, I was amazed. I relisted, so it's available. The very first skein (shown in my last post) is being knitted into the Adamas shawl, and I noticed that it was striping more than having a gradual change, so before dyeing the next one, I changed the method a just little and it worked fantastically!! Here is the pic...

I also put up a smaller (400 yard) skein...
That one is a little brighter than the pic shows, but yummy none the less!

Other than the store update, I have been looking for the next item to knit that I will obsessively work on until it's finished. I'm not loving anything that I'm working on at the moment, and that is a super long list. H's window shawl went from creeping along, to a quick speed up to a dead halt. I do not have quite enough to finish the way I want, and I'm debating how to fix that. The Adamas shawl is just slow, and even though I am anxoius for the next color to come in (I've reached the deep blue), it seems too much like work. I have two sweaters I'm working on, several orphan socks and some cashmere that needs to become something for my neighbor, plus lots of "I should knit something for them because they are so sweet" projects. I have 2 of 8 oz of Crazy Monkey spun, and the Twisted is on the Lendrum right now, with several fibers waiting in line. I have the rest of the Landscapes lace colorways to dye, which if they take off, I may spend most of my spare time doing that, hmm I think I need more hours in the day. Yep lots of stuff!

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